Uppdate Telldus core / tellgus gui

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Uppdate Telldus core / tellgus gui

Post by perob » Fri Dec 25, 2020 3:06 pm

Hi there, and merry Christmas to everyone!

10 years ago when I was investing heavily in Nexa stuff I bought my first Tellstick Duo. Then followed a Tellstick Net and a ZNet Lite V2. Ever since then I have wanted to do something about how things was put together. Now it was time. I have finally taken the time necessary to update Telldus Center and telldus core applications to modern Linux/Windows and started working on the upgrades that I thought necessary.

I realize a lot of people are moving away to cloud-solutions with restful, mqtt and other stuff. But to me the basic problems were still there lurking. So I cloned the repositories from github and put it on GitLab (https://gitlab.com/droberg/telldus ). I realize some people prefer Github, but since MS bought it it was not an option for me. I guess i don't forget that easily which probably tells you a bit of my age :)

I also realize some people have probably solved some of the things I have been working on already but I couldn't find what I was looking for easily so I thought "What the hell, let's get this party started"!

What I have done so far:
  • Upgrade TelldusCenter to QT5
  • Switch to TCP Socket connection between service and client. This enables the possibility to use TelldusCenter on another computer than telldus core. (This is the way it should have been from the beginning if you are asking me b.t.w. )
  • Gui plugin for setting the IP and check of IP before startup
  • Implemented Tellstick Net parallel with Tellstick serial. This is currently working with non-zwave devices and you have to open the firewall to recieve broadcast answers.
    • Detect new controllers automatically
    • Rescan for missing controllers regularly
  • Lower some timeouts
My todo list:
  • Add statistics for devices, every time a device is seen by a controller it should be counted so that preferred controller can be automatically set
  • Introduce an unknown state
  • Make devices be unknown at startup
  • Make groups report as unknown if states differ between devices
  • Enable learn, turnoff, turnoff for groups of same (or possibly different ) protocols so that a number of devices may be turned on at once. This would speed up turning the whole house on or off massively
  • Move senors information and statistics to core and enable stats
  • Add possibility to name sensors in core
  • Implement filters to detect outliers based on type of sensor.
I have also started with some minor changes with the tellprox python server. Because I have been using openhab I thought it was a good idea to be able to request values for all sensors at once so that i don't need 10 requests to get all the sensors.

The state of stuff right now is that I have managed to compile the service for Windows and Linux. All dependencies are easily available and it compiles with Qt 15.12 in Visual studio 2019. There is no Windows installer yet, but I'm not sure I am going to make one because I just dropped the exe-file in the program dir myself.

If someone is interested in using or testing this, please go ahead and come with feedback or bug-reports. If there is no response whatsoever I will probably not work on the Windows installer. Time will tell.

Merry Christmas to me and everyone else still using the good old tellsticks!

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