Remote sockets support [ KD-205, RC-710 ]

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Remote sockets support [ KD-205, RC-710 ]

Post by rkv » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am

i have a working Tellstick Net Lite in my network and at present 3 pcs of NEXA Neycr1500 remote sockets configured, connected and working fine. Now I'm planning to extend the setup to control a water heater at the basement. The NEXAs have a limit of 1500 w and the heater is 2kW, so apparently I can't use them (I do have another 3 as spare). I already planned to shop a new one with bigger rating for the purpose (they are not particularly expensive), but then I remembered that I have several other remote controllable sockets laying in the closet, remotes of course not available. The problem is: are they supported by Telldus, and if yes, how? I've searched for the info and found some but not enough to proceed:(

The devices are labeled as follows:
1) W.H.MANDOLYN INT'L LTD., Model no. RC-710, rated at 3600W
- these seem to have been sold at least by Lidl years ago and in one post I read that they could be usable as devices marked 'UPM'. Tried but no luck.
- image e.g. ... 26202.html
- works on 433.92MHz
- RF/code analysis at page (look at Lidl RF Socket..., the picture is for US version)
2) Ningbo Kingdun Electronic Industry Co., Ltd, Model no. KD-205GC
- haven't found anything related to these devices, I assume they are marketed on many brand names
- works on 433.92MHz
- image: ... 96044.html

Any ideas whether they are at all supported, on some other name, perhaps?


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