Ny FW 1.2.0

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Ny FW 1.2.0

Post by etompau » Tue Oct 01, 2019 3:21 pm

Ny FW på gång till ZNet/Net v.2

We are now in the process of rolling out firmware version 1.2.0 to all TellStick Net v2, TellStick ZNet Lite and TellStick ZNet Lite v2.

When updating, TellStick may become unresponsive for up to 10 minutes. Please do not turn off or restart your TellStick if this happens.

This update contains about 180 changes. First of all this firmware is prepared for two new features that we are very excited about. "Rooms" is a great way to navigate your devices and will come soon to the new version of Telldus Live! and the app. "Modes" offers completely new possiblities to set up your Events faster and simpler. More information about this will of course follow.

Support is added for some additional sensortypes, for example CO2 and Loudness, and Z-Wave rain sensors.

A much requested feature is the option to now use https in URL event actions.

Changes in version 1.2.0

New features:

New sensor types: CO, CO2, PM2.5, Loudness, Volume, Weight and Moisture
New power types Ampere and Volt
URL-actions (in events) now support https
Firmware is ready for Rooms! (more information will follow)
Firmware is ready for Modes! (more information will follow)
Hostname and vendorid added to dhcp request
Add support for Z-Wave rain sensors
Add support for sending Z-Wave meter reset commands


Time conditions after 00:00 were not always evaluated correctly
Nexa codeswitch bell did not work correctly
Too big messages between TellStick and servers were not sent correctly, could affect for example device synchronization lists
Sensors reporting more than one type of value at the same time did not always send latest timestamp/value for all values (might diff 5 minutes)
Blockheater event had many minor bugs
When TellStick switched server, history about whether a trigger has triggered or not was lost, so a trigger might trigger again
Devices are now listed in the parameters of a group
Changing of RGB values possible also from local API
Try to resync time again if no network was available at boot time
Lots of other small bugfixes

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Re: Ny FW 1.2.0

Post by Cadryc » Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:27 pm

Undrar om man kommer kunna klassa om uttag o h grupper som lampor exempelvis. Vore trevligt med Google Home (egentligen ligger väl begränsningen där...) bla så kan man bara få ljudsignalen som svar istället för en halv novell.

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