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Re: HomeStick (Gratis SW med historik & väderprognos)

Post by ReneOrtmann » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am

Nu finns det en ny BETA version av HomeStick med massa ändringar och nyheter. Den största nyheten är designen.

Lite förhandsbilder i denna länk:

Programmet kan laddas ner här: ... _setup.exe

Detta är nyheterna/ändringarna/kvarstående saker att fixa till:

* New welcome window with more "First Startup-Settings".
* New design.
* Now you can add more than 20 groups. Its even esier to remove groups.
* Device indicator: You will see an indicator on top when you change a device state when its activated (Visual -> Device indicator).
* You can now choose if you like to send more then one command when you change the device state. The default value is 1 and you can send up to 5 commands after each other (Settings -> Synchronization).
* You can now change the position for sensors and devices when you hold the mouse button on the name and draw the mouse.
* Edit sensor value: If you need to calibrate your sensor but are missing those features on the, exemple thermometer, you can now edit the value in HomeStick.
* You can now choose if you like to show the passed time or last time sience the sensors latest update (Settings -> Synchronization).
* You can now setup your own dimmer values (Settings -> Dimmer values).
* You can now hide ghost sensors (Settings -> Sensor data).
* You can now turn off logging of sensor data for all sensors, of for some sensors you are not interested of to show some data.
* You can now show the temperature as Fahrenheit.
* HomeStick.exe contains two *.ico files. You can change the icon by yourself if you create a application link file (*.lnk).
* New features for scenarios: You can now select what you want your device should do when the scenario is on. Even pictures can be added to show a better state og the scenario.
* Fullscreen-mode.
* House plan.
* IP cameras will now appear with a preview picture on the start screen.
* You can now search for loations without copy-paste the URL from a web browser (If you got a error message, you have to select another location).
* You can now see forecast for other locations beyond your default location.
* New weather icons.
* Comment: You can now write a notice for your stuff. For exemple: When you changed the batteries for a sensor, or what device is placed in a room.
* You can now reset, create backup and restore data (About).
* All devices should now be shown. Some "unknown" devices may show a question mark ("?"). Those devices are not able to change the state on.
* Statistics: A whole new system to present collected data from your sensors and weather.
* Weather radars over many places over the world are included (Weather forecast). It is possible that a few radays may not be loaded.
* You can now activate a system tray icon (Settings -> App settings). The application will not be closed when you press the "X" in the title list instead shows up as a system tray.
* You can now setup a FTP server to export files to (Settings -> Export and FTP server).
* You can now select where you want to save the default files.
* More possibilities for sensor export.
* Show all your sensors in sequence as favorite (Visual -> Favorite).

* If you have trouble with the popup menu for devices, sensors, groups etc. (sometimes it is disturbing that the menu is opening to often) then you can activate to holding the CTRL while open the menu (Settings -> App settings -> Panel popup menu).

* Main code fixes.

* Welcome window needs fixes (layout, text fields, settings, translations).
* The german language translation is not finish yet (Some text will still be in english).

* Events: The offset for sun time condition is not working. Telldus API is not accepting "sunriseOffset" and "sunsetOffset" when these values sends from the application.
* Events: PRO functions are not included.
* Online help and change log is only in english.
* HomeStick - A free Windows App for your Tellstick.NET device *

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