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Multiple issues with ZNet Lite v2 - is this a beta product?

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:05 pm
by landsverk
Hi there.
I've used Telldus products for quite a few years now. FIrst the original tellstick, then the telltick v2, and now the ZNet Lite v2 for a few years.
For a year or so the ZNet Lite v2 worked fine, as least after what I recall, but for the past 1-2 years there's been multiple issues, most of them are z-wave related.

Let's see:
-All of sudden the Cleverio wallplug also shows a line voltage of 20.1V.... Connected to a 230/240V line. WHAT?
-It all of sudden loses connection to z-wave devices (wallplugs etc) thats been working fine for a year, no apparent reason.
-It reports wrong (total) consumption (suddenly shows 76kwH instead of about 5000kwH)
-It reports wrong concurrent usage (claiming that one Cleverio wallplug uses about 80watts of power, even tho there is nothing connected)
-it reports wrong usage over time (spikes up to more than 22KW concurrent usage according to the graphs. Sure.... I'd really like to see a 16A wallplug draw 22 000 watts on 15A breaker.
-A few times I had to reset my fibaro wallplugs, as the ZNet completely lost connection to them, I believe this has happened once or twice for two wallplugs.
-Claims that even devices that has been returned to the manufacturer or moved 50km away is still sending data to the ZNet.... What?!

-The Znet all of sudden stops receiving data from 433mhz temperature sensors that has been working for months, even with Ok battery percentage.
-433mhz temperature sensors gets new ID every time the power is cycled and/or the battery is replaced. This was never an issue when using Tellstick v2 with HomeAutomation or just tdool --list from terminal
Now the ID's assigned seem completely unrelated to the home and device ID set on the device itself.

Web GUI:
-Quite often the timestamp are placed beneath the "tooltip"-thingy that displays the current value when hovering the mouse over the graph.
-CSV exports contains non human readable values.

Re: Multiple issues with ZNet Lite v2 - is this a beta product?

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:38 am
by etompau
433 MHz
* Move the failing sensor closer to the ZNet and verify that data is received in the ZNet. Then move the sensor further away. Problem with sensor update is usually related to interference and/or low signal from the sensor. Adjust and try out new sensor positions.

* You don't specify what type of sensor you have, but some of them generate a new ID when powered up and then show up as a new sensor in Telldus Live.
This is "by design".

* A new version of the web gui is planned for release next year. Here the graph has a different layout and the values are not hidden by the time stamp.
*The exported data format needs to be converted. ... ata_export

Re: Multiple issues with ZNet Lite v2 - is this a beta product?

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 9:53 am
by landsverk
Hi, and thanks for the reply.

433 mhz: You're absolutely right, and I've also seen "fake" devices appear in the UI due to alot of interference.
I'll move the sensors next time the problem occurs. Any idea if replacing the antenna could help?

Type of sensors: The affected sensors are branded as ESIC WT450H - the cheap sensors sold by Kjell, Teknikmagasinet, Clas Ohlson etc.
They always retained their ID with the previous generations of Tellstick, so I could just replace the battery, set the same house and device ID and keep going.

Here's an example from the config on a rpi that I used with telldus duo in my house as well as our cottage for several years, never had to change anything:

Code: Select all

        $whitelistedSensors[] = "mandolyn-temperaturehumidity-14"; // Gjesterom 2.etg
        $whitelistedSensors[] = "mandolyn-temperaturehumidity-14-humidity"; //Gjesterom 2.etg - fuktighet
        $whitelistedSensors[] = "fineoffset-temperature-183"; //stue 
        $whitelistedSensors[] = "mandolyn-temperaturehumidity-22"; //Kjeller 
        $whitelistedSensors[] = "mandolyn-temperaturehumidity-23"; //Kontor 2. etg

That was a mix of ESIC WT450H as well as Viking sensors, never had any issues. and since the sensors kept their IDs, I could go 3 years back and check the graphs to see how the values had changed. Now I can't do that because of obvious reasons, as well as the fact that Telldus decided that it was a good idea to wipe all my sensor data when I forgot to renew my subscription.

Re: Multiple issues with ZNet Lite v2 - is this a beta product?

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 10:29 am
by etompau
The "ESIC-sensor" has manual channel selection, or more correct ID-setting. Don't know why you now can't change battery and then having problems afterwards. I haven't seen any reports from other users with this kind of problem/fault.

The Viking-sensor" has dynamic ID assignment, I have seen multiple times how the sensor starts up with a new ID after battery replacement and then showing up as a new sensor in Telldus Live.

A new antenna can for sure improve the receiving range of the ZNet (on the 433 MHz band).