NodOn SoftRemote not using mesh capability

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NodOn SoftRemote not using mesh capability

Post by Stonefire » Sun Mar 03, 2019 1:22 pm

It seems my NodOn SoftRemote doesn't use the mesh capabilities of my z-wave network (I have a TellStick ZNet Lite v2). The room where it is used has two mains powered Z-Wave devices (one Nexa AN-179, and one Telldus TZWP-100), but the remote does not communicate well from that room but works great when being used nearer the controller. The devices in the room works 100% if controlled from the Telldus app or the Telldus Live web, so they are well in range of the controller. The total z-wave network, comprised of about 30 nodes (mostly devices but also some sensors and 4 NodOn Remotes), have been up for several weeks and works very well. Also worth mentioning, the house containing the entire z-wave network is not very large, I would be surprised if any node would need more than one mesh hop between itself in the controler.

The remote is not using assosiation groups but rather a scene which is controlled by a LUA-script to turn on and off the lights in the room.

It seems the mesh network is not having the correct build since the remote isn't communicating via the nearest nodes in the room.

Is there any neater way to rebuild the mesh network than flipping the controler off and on, and while rebuilding the network, how do I ensure that sleeping nodes (such as the 4 NodOn remotes, 2 fibaro motion sensors and one Sensative Comfort strip) are part of the rebuild process without having to run around and trying to wake them up, or is everything just going to work by itself?

Or is there even a better way to take care of the one NodOn remote that has the problem without forcing a total mesh rebuild?

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