HomeAutomation v3.1.1 released [2016-01-14]


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HomeAutomation v3.1.1 released [2016-01-14]

Post by tom_rosenback » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am

If you have not yet noticed we released a new version last night, v3.1.1. This version includes fixes for the dynamic schedules and some other small fixes and tweaks too.

As usual, update by replacing old files with the ones in the zip, if you have an older version than 3.0 we recommend that you do a fresh install.

v3.1.1 2016-01-14
- [General] Bug fixes and tweaks
- [Scheduler] Dynamic activations not running as expected

One thing to note starting from 3.1 is that dynamic activations only trigger once, and will not trigger again before the criteria has not been met first, eg. a dynamic activation is set to turn on a lamp when the temperature is larger than X. When temperature becomes larger than X the lamp turns on, but if you manually turn off the lamp meanwhile the temp is over X it will not turn on again by the dynamic activation until the temperature has gone below X.

Senaste info och release om/av HomeAutomation hittas här http://karpero.mine.nu/ha
Latest info and release of HomeAutomation can be found here http://karpero.mine.nu/ha

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