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Updated image available

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am
by KHolm

A new image for a 4Gb SD card has been created based on the latest version of Automagically (2014-02-22).

EDIT: This image cannot handle schedules relative to sundset/sundown. Remedy here: ... 237#p25237

Found here: Attached torrent
Found here too: ...
MD5 of img file inside the zip: 7e00357a1f3bb2ffbd58aff9c20e6912
Size of the file: 921 MB (965 776 480 byte)
Based on sourcecode revision: c9821d8
Source repository and issue tracker:
UserID for console/ssh/admin interface: pi
UserID for mysql: root
Password for the above: raspberry

Instructions how to install and use

How to replicate
The image was created using these instructions:

Removed stuff from the configuration
- Removed all /core/ items
- Removed all /signals/ items
- Clean /etc/tellstick.conf

Added a test device and accompanying remote
- A single Raw Tellstick Device called Test is available
- A single Remote named Main with a page Home having a single On/Off called Test

Final touch
You might want to make use of the full partition of your SD card. Run raspi-config and Expand Filesystem

Code: Select all

$ sudo raspi-config

Re: Updated image available

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am
by jimmy927
I am running your image now and i am migrating from Switch King now, SK really hold back my investments in terms of relays and switchers since i was never really happy with the software itself, Automagically is in contrast a masterpiece in terms of data-modelling.

The image itself seems fine, and probably more clean and updated than the original. But large, but i don't care.
However i still get those weird error messages, but it seems to me i have just been chasing ghosts and they have no relevance.