Hygro and light sensor advice

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Hygro and light sensor advice

Post by gsm » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am


I have the TelstickNet and use it in combination with an outside Oregon thermo-hygro sensor and an inside Viking nr.02811 temp sensor and a few Proove remote controlled outlets
I have two problems :

Problem 1 :
When I switch on light #1 then light #2 also go on. Then I switch off light #2 and light #1 stay on
How can that happen ?

Problem 2 :
I lost many times the Oregon sensor and the viking sensor and then mostly days or weeks
I bought a new Oregon sensor and it start working for about a month but now it is lost for 5 days and the 2 viking sensors are lost now for 5 and 11 days
What do you advice me ?

I have a TellstickNet in our vacationhouse in Sweden but also in Holland and even the Oregon and Viking sensors works now fine in Holland it also happen sometimes

I look forward for your advice, thanks.

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