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Need help with tdDim from NodeJS call

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:52 pm
by dagalufh

I am trying to call tdDim from NodeJS, but i'm unable to get the device to actually change the dim value.

According to documentation, i have defined it as such:

tdDim: ['int', ['int','char']]
- Should i use something different than char?

But I can't figure out what values to pass as the "char" one?
The definition in the documentation is:
int WINAPI tdDim ( int intDeviceId,
unsigned char level
Dims a device. Make sure the device supports this by calling tdMethods() before any call to this function.

intDeviceId The device id to dim.
level The level the device should dim to. This value should be 0 - 255.
TELLSTICK_SUCCESS on success or appropriate error code on failure.
Version 2.0.0

I have tried to send pure integer value 0-255, but it said it was to high above 100. (This could be a NodeJS error and not a Telldus error, unsure.. And this resulted in no change on the actual device)

I can set specific dim levels through the Telldus Center, 20% 50% and so on through the buttons there, so the support on the device should be correct for specifying dim levels.

What sort of values should I pass? For example if i want to have it set on 50% or 100%?
I have checked and i get a 0 in return value..

Any assistance would be helpful, unsure where to go from here at this point in time.


Re: Need help with tdDim from NodeJS call

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 2:22 pm
by dagalufh
Ändrade till int istället för char på functionsdefinitionen, nu verkar det fungera.

Ska bara komma på något bra sätt att presentera procentalternativen.