Domoticz + Windows + Telldus ZNet V2

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Domoticz + Windows + Telldus ZNet V2

Post by Proxid » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am


I've been using Tellstick Duo before on my eventghost machine but would like to switch from eventghost to Domoticz as the features there better suits my needs. I also bought a new telldus machine

I have a Telldus ZNet V2 that works from Telldus live and not Telldus Center, in other words it isn't physically connected to the machine, instead it's connected on the local network.

My question here is how can I implemet/add my telldus to Domoticz itself. I know that some of you may not know about Domoticz, but basically I need my Telldus Live to connect to any other interface other than telldus live. And I need this to be working on an Windows machine. There are plenty of guides out for Raspberry PI, but that simply doesn't work for me as the computer handles other stuff than home automation, for example my security cameras and 4K HTPC movies where the Rasp Pi lacks performance.

I asked on Domoticz own website but they doesn't seem to have as much knowledge about Telldus as this forum.

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