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WRTL - WinRemoteTelldusLive

Post by Limmek » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am


I wanted a easy way to control my Tellstick net device from windows so i made the simple windows app.
So i thought i would like to share it, app coded in Delphi. Full source code and last compiled build found on guithub.

If you having any issues run the app as admin (Right click->WinRemoteTellduslive.exe->Run as admin).

Download https://github.com/Limmek/WRTL/releases ... usLive.exe
Github https://github.com/Limmek/WRTL


  • Add devices to system tray icon.
    Schedule multiple devices at daily time.
    Windows notifications.
    Start app with windows.
    Start app minimized.
    Enable logging.

Over n out /Limmek

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