Controlling TellStick with BlackBerry

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Controlling TellStick with BlackBerry

Post by PaulMcGowan » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am


I have just obtained an original TellStick, and I'm very impressed with the technology, but less than happy with the software implementation, especially the web access. With that in mind, I have quickly put together an application allowing me to remotely control my lights and such from the web browser on my BlackBerry. The pages also run on any web browser, but you need to be aware they are optimised for my BlackBerry ( a 9700) so you will need to adjust the non breaking spaces to make it look OK on your device.

Installation is straightforward, and is as follows:-

1) Install Telldus Center on your Windows computer, and setup your lights.
2) Install Microsoft IIS
3) Download and install PHP
4) Copy 'tdtool.exe' from "c:\Program Files\Telldus" to "c:\" (This makes it easier to write the web pages)
5) Unzip the file, and copy the two folders to "c:\inetpub\wwwroot"

The pages need no configuration, as they use 'tdtool' to get the information about devices.

Point your web browser to the computer and add "/hal/index.php" for example

The index page runs tdtool to build a list of your appliances and give you the options to switch on/off
When a button is clicked, a second page is loaded telling you which appliance is being switched and the outcome.
A third page is then loaded showing the status of your lights.
You are then taken back to the index page.

It's quick, simple, but it works, and means I don't have to rely on the telldus web service.

You will need to setup user authentication/port forwarding on your firewall/router if you want to access this externally.

I'm looking to get a TellStick Duo, and intend to write a listener to monitor for remote control signals, so it can track if an external device switches a unit on, and updates the webpage accordingly. Has anyone done this, and wants to share code ? If I do this, would anyone like the code ?

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Controlling TellStick from Web Browser

Post by PaulMcGowan » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am

I have done a complete re-write of the code.
It now uses jquery to provide ON/OFF switches like the iPhone, and everything is now run from one page.
Speed is greatly impoved.
if you use telldus centre or the tdtool to switch ON/OFF the web page reflects the status of switches when it loads.

I can't get hold of a Duo, so until I can I'm unable to write any code to provide updates from remote control events.

Does anyone where I can get hold of one in the UK ????

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