Firmware problems in v17 for NET Version 1

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Firmware problems in v17 for NET Version 1

Post by tonyex » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am


I own two Tellstick Net V 1 since several years ago. Both had been upgraded up to the latest firmware v17, when it came out.
Since two weeks ago, one of the Tellsticks , the one we use at home, got the unwanted steady red light.
I can see in the router that it can get an ip address and to try to avoid this issue I increased the dhcp lease time up to several days , but it does not help.
Setting a static [or reserved ip] in the router does not work either. And there has not been any network changes at the home network since a year or more ago.
The only workaround I found was to reboot the router or disconnect the tellstick ,wait 5 minutes and the connect again, then it works again.
I was planing to go the the tellstick shop and ask for a replacement, but I tell to myself, let's think outside the box: what about downgrading the firmware.
So I downgraded to v4 and it seems to work better for now. It seems to acquire the ip without any problems. I will report if I get in trouble again.

So my questions are:
Is there any others that have the same issue?
If there are any new version of the firmware for the V1 that are going to be released or the best way to have a working home automation is to move forward to V2?

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Re: Firmware problems in v17 for NET Version 1

Post by etompau » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am

To my knowledge the version 17 has been out for several years now and should there have been some issues with DHCP whatever it would by now have been reported from several users.
In Version 17 there was a fix for DHCP related to some problems together with Asus router if I remember correctly. Have you verified that your router has the latest FW?
Also check your USB charger, strange faults can occur if the charger goes bad.

I guess that there will not be more FW upgrades for the Net as this hardware has been replaced by a new generation.

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