Sælger / sälja / Sale / Selling my Telldus Net and Znet v2 and other pieces..

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Sælger / sälja / Sale / Selling my Telldus Net and Znet v2 and other pieces..

Post by HarryL » Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:49 pm

Im selling My Telldus hardware hoping that someone will have good use of it as i did..

Telldus Znet v2 (zwave+433mhz)
Telldus Net (433Mhz)

Proove Bevægelses sensor (433mhz)
Nexa 433mhz contact switch on battery.
Nexa Doorbell and Doorcontact (433mhz)
5 Proove/Telldus temperatur/hum sensor for in/outdoor (433Mhz).
13 plug/stik (433Mhz) indoor
2 plug/stik (433mhz) Outdoor.
Fibaro universal sensor (ZWave, make ones own sensor/alarm).
6 port PowerNode Switch - Greenwave Systems NP210-KF-S (with power measurement on all 6 ports)

600,- DKK / danish kroner.. it all work together and great with telldus.. only reason to sell is im making my own server system now ;-).

location is Ringsted Denmark /zealand /sjælland.
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(had Tellstick Net v17) now Tellstick ZNet Lite v2, Denmark, Iphone/Mac/linux.

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