Fibaro Implant

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Fibaro Implant

Post by jeremyc » Tue May 14, 2019 7:59 am

Hi, I have the fibaro smart implant (FGBS-222). This is a universal z-wave device. My intention is to use it to monitor my well pump, and make sure it is not on for long periods. It should have 2 binary sensor inputs, 1 serial "1-wire" sensor input, and 2 outputs. I intend to use one of the binary sensors to detect if a switch (pump pressure switch) is open or closed.

(here is the manual:

I have successfully paired it with the Tellstick Znet Lite v2, however it is seen apparently as 8 switch devices and one sensor. I expected to find atleast 2 sensors. I tried adjusting the configuration parameters, in particular the input configuration parameters 20 and 21, but not much joy there.

Any advice or experience on how I might configure this with telldus live?


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