znet lite v2, 433mhz not working it seems.

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znet lite v2, 433mhz not working it seems.

Post by HarryL » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am


My setup is I have some old 433 temp/hum sensors, motion, doorsensor and doorbell connected to my "znet lite v2", and a few zwave like a doorsensor and smoke detector... the latter zwave works at least i get updates of lux and temp from them.. but all of my 433 devices the net lite v2 does not get anything from.. znet does not flash or anything only when it sends commands(red)..

my doorbell is a nexa it rings the bell and should sends a message to my phone.. the first happens but i dont get any message on my phone and znet does not flash blue.. i have just a few month ago changes the batt in all of them.. and i can se the sensor sends data, but znet again not blinking blue or anything..

the error startet to happen when i startet to play around with "HomeBridge" homekit for telldus live, i renewed the keys and token in the api.. and there are no errors in the logs and i see the devices on the phone.. and switch things on and off and they update on telldus live.

what i have done.. rebooted the Znet, also turned it off for a an hour, checked the firmware and placed some 433 devices close to znet, and put the znet a little further away from other equipment...still the 433 temp sensor does not registret any data.

some thoughts??

ps telldus did change some crystal or other 6 month back.. is it this again crystal problem?

UPDATE 1, installed my old telldus NET v17 i had shelved... and now my 433mhz works again.. i have try'd deleting the from znet lite v2.. but no dice.. so there is something wrong with znet lite v2 hardware it seems.

UPDATE 2, telldus sent me a new unit "znet lite v2", and that worked right away..

(had Tellstick Net v17) now Tellstick ZNet Lite v2, Denmark, Iphone/Mac/linux.

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