Net to eventghost

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Net to eventghost

Post by Phil_lihP » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am

I was looking to buy the tellstick duo in Clas Ohlson today but they didn't have any in, having seen the comparison chart on the telldus website with the net version, and them having it in stock for not much more I decided to get that.
Now it seems I may have made a mistake... :(
I use eventghost for all the automation that I currently have and wanted to use the tellstick primarily for receiving the remote commands and information from other sensors for eventghost to process, but it appears this isn't currently possible?
I have read the ticket #114 which hints that this is in progress but seems to be complicated and has no updates for 5 months
Am I right in thinking this? Is there anyway to 'downgrade' a net box to a duo by flashing the firmware so I can plug it into my server via usb and ignore the ethernet for now? thanks for any info.



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Re: Net to eventghost

Post by Zaman » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am

You can't turn a Net into a Duo but there are firmware made by users that can make your Net send the data to a local machine instead of the Live! server but it's still sent over your network and not directly via USB.
Not sure what Eventghost can do with network messages since I've never used it.

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