Motor (linear motion) controlled by Tellstick NET

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Motor (linear motion) controlled by Tellstick NET

Post by JohanS » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am


Just got my Tellstick NET and I must say the future looks fun fun fun! I am now trying to control a few levers at home which will need to be pushed/pulled to close/open.

Ideally I would like to be able to say open to XX% (like 100% open,..., 50% open,..., 0% open = closed). This would correspond to for one lever about 10 cm of movement and the other about 30 cm (about a foot). While this can be done using several on/off swiches this seems to be a VERY stupid way of solving the problem, does anyone know of a motor for linear motion (I can attach it to my existing lever myself, just need to motor) that I can "just buy"??? I happen to live in Sweden but worst case I can order from just about anywhere...

Thanks for all input & help, and I am VERY curious what the near future will bring from the Telldus team with new Live! service coming soon and a new app, dare we hope for Android compability? Also the ability to write my own PHP code is GREAT - but if the Live! service is even half of what I think it is I cannot see that I will need to do that any time soon...


EDIT: Clarification 1 sec after posting

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