Anyone else using Google home - IFTTT - Telldus

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Anyone else using Google home - IFTTT - Telldus

Post by PetriK » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:08 am

Found it very easy to set up Google home to set commands to telldus using IFTTT. In IFTTT you can set up words and sentences that Google home understands to create actions like hey google, set lights on, hey google I am leaving now (to turn heating lower and lights off), ok google goodnight (to turn of lights and tv).

Now I dont anymore use light on/off switch at all as its so much more easier just to say lights on/off when sitting or even dim lights...

So anyone else doing the same just to compare what else can be done ?

my next project is likely to be changing tv channels using Google home - IFTTT - telldus with a small arduino based Sartano device...

ps. those of you who dont know google home its similar (but better than) to amazon alexa or iphone siri. it is a home assistant to ask various things like weather for tomorrow, traffic on road to work, time, or any encyclopedia fact that is found on internet...

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